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Open for inspection by appointment

Open for inspection by appointment


Are you closing for Xmas 2020?
Yes, it's been a big year so we're taking a break.  We'll be closed from 20 December 2020 until 11 January 2021.  That means if you make an online purchase between these dates, your purchase will be dispatched after 11 January 2021. We apologise for any inconvenience.

How should I wear my Apartment 5B necklace?
5B necklaces look great long or short as chokers, as tight as you can bear. We suggest tying the cord as a double knot bow to keep it firmly in place.

How do I care for Apartment 5B jewellery?
See our Care Guide for information on how to maintain the luxe look of your 5B jewellery piece. 

How do I tighten the cord of my Apartment 5B neckpiece?
It’s natural for your neckpiece cord to loosen over time. This can be tightened at the 5B washer on the underside. Simply pull the cord tightly apart sideways on either side of the washer to ensure a firm fastening. When wearing your 5B neckpiece, we suggest tying the cord as a double knot bow to keep it firmly in place.

How is buying Apartment 5B jewellery good for the planet?
Sustainable and ethical practices are what we do. They’re cemented into the Apartment 5B foundations. We upcycle and repurpose wherever we can. We intercept excess industrial materials destined for landfill and source vintage and everyday items, refashioning them into coveted objects of beauty. By choosing a 5B original over other accessories made solely with virgin materials, you’re helping to conserve our planet’s natural resources, reduce landfill and reduce carbon emissions.  
Our packaging is proudly plastic free and we use Sendle for all of our deliveries, a 100% carbon neutral delivery service and certified B Corporation.

Are Apartment 5B jewellery pieces of the same style exactly the same?
Because we upcycle and repurpose materials, 5B jewellery pieces are imperfectly perfect. Expect colour, tonal and textural variances and even signs of our material’s first life (like manufacturer markings). These are intended and shouldn’t be considered flaws. They’re all part of the 5B aesthetic.
Are Apartment 5B jewellery pieces the same colour as shown on your website?
While we try to photograph our jewellery as true-to-life as possible, we can’t guarantee a 100% colour match. Colours tend to appear differently on different monitors and devices.
Do you make custom designs for special events and clients?
Yes, we can design one-off B.spoke 5B neckpieces. These are POA.  Please email us with your request.
What about delivery and returns?
Find all the information you need on delivery and returns here.
What payment methods do you accept?
Via our website we accept Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Shopify Pay and PayPal.
Can I send someone a 5B original as a gift?
Yes of course. Just provide the details and the message you’d like the recipient to receive with their jewellery piece in the comments section of your order.  
Do you ship overseas?
Yes we ship to most countries. We use Sendle which is a 100% carbon neutral delivery service and certified B Corporation. Through the Sendle courier partners we can deliver to over 200 countries worldwide.  You can find out more about international shipping using Sendle here.
Do you deliver to PO boxes?
Sendle is unable to deliver to Australia Post owned properties, this includes PO boxes, locked bags, parcel lockers or parcel collection areas.

For domestic deliveries (in Australia) a physical street address is required for all Sendle deliveries. If you are not home your parcel will either be delivered to a nearby location for collection or made available for a free redelivery. Collection points may include news agents or service stations. For more information on Sendle collection points, please follow this link.
For international deliveries, Sendle, partners with all of the major postal providers around the globe. This means in most cases we can deliver to international post offices and PO boxes. 
Is there an Apartment 5B retail store?
Not presently. Apartment 5B jewellery pieces are sold via our online shop and through our approved stockists.
Are there retailers that stock Apartment 5B jewellery?
Yes, you can find a list of 5B retailers here.
If you want to join the 5B movement and become an Apartment 5B stockist, please email us with details of your retail store, website and social media platforms and we’ll come back to you.
How do I become an Apartment 5B stockist?
We’d love to hear from you. Please email us with details of your retail store, website and social media platforms and we’ll come back to you.

What sizes do 5B bangles come in?
Apartment 5B bangles are available in two sizes. They are sized according to their internal diameter dimensions (approximate) - Small: 65mm and Large: 70mm. 

How can I check my bangle size?
A simple way to work out your bangle size is to measure the length between the first three knuckles of your hand. Make a fist and measure the length from the outside of the first knuckle to the point between the third and fourth knuckle.