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This care guide will help you maintain the luxe look of your 5B original.

We recommend storing your 5B necklace or bangle in its pouch in between wears.

Due to the nature of metals and other materials, tarnishing and ageing may occur over time. This is dependent on a number of factors, such as the acidity of your skin and the way your jewellery piece has been looked after.
It’s also natural for your neckpiece cord to loosen over time. This can be tightened periodically at the 5B washer on the underside. Simply pull the cord tightly apart sideways on either side of the washer to ensure a firm fastening.
While made to last, our jewellery can scratch or break if mishandled, dropped or knocked against hard surfaces.
We recommend avoiding direct contact with chemicals like perfume, cosmetics and lotions to prevent discolouration or tarnishing of your piece.
The acrylic and metal materials of your 5B jewellery have highly reflective surfaces. To clean, simply wipe with a soft, damp cloth. Lens cloths do an awesome job removing finger prints.
Avoid using chemicals, solvents, alcohol and abrasives.
Clean your 5B neckpiece cord with a damp clean cloth or warm soapy water.